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For Fun
Baseball vs. Football
Comedian George Carlin provides his thoughts on the differences between baseball and football.
Comedian Bill Cosby talks about standing in the batter’s box and taking one for the team.
Cajun Baseball Game
An account an event during the last of a three-game series between Rayne and Lafayette in the old Evangeline League by comedian Justin Wilson.
The Baseball Umpire
Funnyman Jerry Clower recants a tale of Clovis, a substitute umpire and a controversial call.
Marketing Baseball
This classic comedy routine never fails to bring a smile. Bob Newhart imagines Abner Doubleday trying to market baseball.
The First Baseball Game in Heaven
Radio comedians Bob & Tom interview Dan St. Paul about baseball in San Francisco and their female announcer, before recalling Harry Carey announcing the first baseball game in heaven.